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Looking for veterinary services in Nipomo?

Nipomo Dog & Cat Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Checkups
  • Internal Medicine, including x-rays and ultrasound
  • Surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Exotics Care
  • And more!

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Nipomo, CA, call us today at (805) 929-2855 or make an appointment now.

All Services

Wellness Care

Did you know that you should not expose your puppy or kitten to public spaces until after it has received its complete series of vaccinations?

At Nipomo Dog & Cat Hospital, we feel that the best assurance for your pet’s health is through education and prevention. We get you started on the right foot with puppy and kitten health programs. A complete physical exam, vaccination series, deworming, and behavior and nutritional guidance are all a part of a healthy start. For more information, see the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s Canine and Feline Vaccination Guidelines.

We get you started on the right foot with puppy and kitten health programs

Early disease detection programs for adults and seniors help allow your pets to live a longer and more comfortable life in their golden years. The earlier a problem is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome. For seniors, we recommend twice-yearly exams and appropriate diagnostics in order to detect any changes or illnesses in your pets as they age.

Dental care

An astounding 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3. Periodontal disease is a common problem in dogs, particularly in smaller breeds. About 28% of cats will develop painful resorptive lesions during their lifetime. The first step in preventing oral disease is a dental examination.

Pet owners should be alerted to potential dental health problems when any of the following signs are noted: drooling, unusual oral odor, pain or difficulty while eating, cracked or missing teeth, dental tartar on teeth or reddened, swollen gums.

An astounding 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3

Our newly updated dental suite now includes the most sophisticated types of instrumentation, including digital dental radiography, allowing the doctor to obtain faster and sharper diagnostic images and a safer experience for your pet. Because we share your concern about anesthetic safety, our highly trained dedicated staff constantly monitor the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, ECG, respiration, and body temperature throughout the procedure.

Our comprehensive dental procedures include dental probing and charting. Under anesthesia, the teeth are scaled above and below the gumline using appropriate hand and power instrumentation followed by polishing with a prophy paste. As in human dentistry, radiography is essential for discovering what is hidden below the gumline. Hidden infections can release bacteria into the bloodstream and over time affect the internal organs, including the heart, kidneys, and liver. By addressing occult problems such as infection and bone loss as well as painful resorptive lesions in cats, your pet will live longer and more comfortable lives.

After getting your pet’s teeth cleaned, our staff will show you before and after digital photos and any radiographs of problem areas. We will discuss what you can do at home to prevent or slow down the progression of oral disease. Although regular tooth brushing is the ideal home dental care method, we have numerous alternatives, including special diets, chew treats, rinses, and additives to drinking water.

More dental health information is available at:
Veterinary Oral Health Council

Medical and Surgical Services

Just like the medical problems that people encounter, our pets also may suffer from conditions that affect any part of the body. Sometimes a pet owner may not even be sure that there is something wrong since your pet can’t tell you.

Our professionals have the experience and training to see the subtle changes in the way your pet acts or appears. Like a detective searching for clues, we piece together the information to make an accurate diagnosis and tailor the best solution for you and your pet’s health needs.

The most common signs of illness in medical cases that we encounter are skin-related disorders, diseases and trauma to the eyes and ears, and gastrointestinal problems. At times, what appears to be a benign problem such as a lump in the skin or an upset stomach, maybe an early indicator of a more significant problem.

Pain management is an integral part of every medical and surgical procedure

All pets will likely undergo a surgical procedure in their lifetime. Most pets will have an elective procedure (spaying/neutering) or may require surgical intervention for a gastrointestinal obstruction or tumor removal. In most cases, a client’s biggest concerns are comfort and safety.

Our highly trained doctors and nursing staff follow strict anesthetic protocols to ensure the safety of your pet. Pre-anesthetic blood panels are evaluated, prior to anesthesia, to alert us to any potential difficulties. During the anesthetic procedure, the patients are maintained on heated blankets and wrapped in Bair Hugger® warming units. ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels are continually monitored and supported with intravenous fluid therapy.

Pain management is an integral part of every medical and surgical procedure. Depending on the procedure, this may involve pre-and post-operative analgesic injections as well as local anesthetic blocks. Oral pain medications are often dispensed in order to maintain comfort levels at home. Studies show that actively managing pain before it becomes a problem actually helps speed up your pet’s recovery.


Diagnostic Imaging

Our imaging suite includes a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine and a digital x-ray system. Our staff can perform diagnostic x-rays for evaluation of injuries and illness, chest x-rays for cancer screening, hip, and elbow dysplasia, and contrast studies. We regularly collaborate with a board-certified veterinary radiologist for consultations.

When time is of the essence, our state-of-the-art in-house analyzers are capable of running numerous types of diagnostic panels

Laboratory Services

Our highly trained nursing staff and technicians run routine diagnostics for internal and external parasites and urinalysis testing in our fully equipped in-house laboratory. When time is of the essence, our state-of-the-art in-house analyzers are capable of running numerous types of diagnostic panels including evaluations for liver, kidney, pancreatic, and heart disease, anemia, and electrolyte imbalances.

A microscopic evaluation will help determine the appropriate treatment for your pet’s ear or skin infection or whether external parasites are present. We can also test for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Heartworm disease, and Parvovirus in dogs. Our in-house capabilities include a blood coagulation panel to test for blood clotting disorders and specific testing for Addison’s and Cushing’s disease. We are also capable of providing blood screening to evaluate treatment effectiveness by specifically monitoring medication levels in the blood for the treatment of thyroid and seizure disorders. Are you worried about a lump or bump on your pet? Our veterinarians can often give you peace of mind by making a microscopic evaluation.

Associated with our comprehensive diagnostic services, we contract with a nationally recognized reference laboratory and regularly consult with experts in the field of Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Pathology, and Oncology.

Exotic Pet Care

Veterinary medicine for exotic pets has increased in demand due to the increasing popularity of having theses animals as pets. Our veterinarians and staff are skilled and knowledgeable in the care and husbandry of these special creatures. Our Hospital services reptiles, amphibians, birds, small mammals, rabbits, and some aquatics. Please note, due to the specialized nature of veterinary care for these pets, appointments with the veterinarian specializing in the care of the exotic species may be limited to certain days.


Pet birds bring a joy to the home with their beautiful colors and songs. The services that our avian Veterinarian provides are designed to address a full range of your bird’s needs.


At our clinic we see non-venomous snakes, turtles, bearded dragons, lizards, and frogs. Certain reptiles can live long, healthy lives as pets, but proper nutrition, care, and husbandry are essential.

Small Mammals & Rabbits

Small mammals have become popular pets as an increasing number of pet owners come to understand the unique bond that can form with one of these special creatures. Pets we see include rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehog, rat, chinchilla, guinea pig, and sugar glider.


We service many types of fish. Not only can we provide medical assessments and perform procedures, but we can also help you prevent many diseases related to improper nutrition and environment, which are common in these animals.


Acupuncture can be used to help improve or cure problems your pet might have, including those related to the musculoskeletal, reproductive, neurological, or gastrointestinal systems. Acupuncture can also be used to manage pain and hasten recovery after surgery.

Acupuncture, which originated in China, has been used as a therapeutic treatment option for thousands of years. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body is composed of several pathways called “meridians,” along which energy flows. When a disease is present, energy is interrupted, or unbalanced. Stimulating acupuncture points along the meridians can restore energy flow, resulting in improved or cured health problems.

Because the needles used in acupuncture are extremely thin, they cause minimal or no pain and are generally well tolerated by pets. However, incorrect placement of the needle or inadequate sterilization can result in pain or complications, which is why you should only have a qualified practitioner perform acupuncture on your pet.

To determine if your pet’s condition(s) may be responsive to this treatment modality, please set up an exam with one of our veterinarians.

Urgent Care

If your pet needs immediate attention for a life-threatening emergency, a critical care triage team will assess your pet and provide life-saving support. We are equipped to handle everything from urgent medical problems to severe traumas.

Our intensive care ward is equipped with an oxygen delivery system and fluid therapy pumps. Its open design allows for constant monitoring. Since time may be a critical factor when attending to urgent care patients, we can perform laboratory and diagnostic tests on site.

a critical care triage team will assess your pet and provide life-saving support

We appreciate our clients’ patience and understanding regarding the need for urgent care patients to receive priority attention. Although we can often handle these emergencies without interruption to scheduled appointments, non-critical patients may be required to wait while urgent care patients are stabilized.


We carry a full line of prescription and over-the-counter medications for managing the health of your pet. If desired, or for less common medications, your veterinarian will supply you with a prescription that you can fill at the pharmacy of your choice. We can also compound medications to be highly palatable for easy administration.

We can also compound medications to be highly-palatable for easy administration.

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Medication
Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff about which flea, tick, and heartworm medications are most appropriate for your pet’s needs. For your convenience, many of the products can be purchased as a single month’s supply or in economical multi-packs.

Prescription Diets
We carry a full line of prescription diets including Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canine. Ask about our weight control plans and follow your pet’s progress with computer-generated graphs.

Competitive Price and Product Quality and Safety Guarantee
All of our prescription and non-prescription items have been obtained directly from the manufacturer or from reputable veterinary distribution facilities to assure that all products are genuine and have been properly handled and stored. We are often supplied with promotions to allow us to compete with online and local pricing.